At wpsupport.com.au we love WordPress and have been working with it for years!

One of the wpsupport.com.au Team Leaders, Chris Burgess is often asked for help and advice on using WordPress. With increasing demand for education in the community, Chris decided he would begin holding free WordPress workshops to empower users to design, build and maintain their own websites using WordPress. Currently the workshops are tailored to beginners-intermediates but Chris hopes with continued support from the community and advertisers he will be able to expand this further.

Chris and his team have designed wpsupport.com.au not only to promote the free WordPress workshops, but to also provide training, education and resources for WordPress in Australia. We also list local businesses specialising in WordPress if you’re looking for professional help. The website aims to be a useful reference for all things WordPress so make sure you bookmark the site, join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.