Notes from the Melbourne WordPress Meetup Beginner Sessions

Today, the Melbourne WordPress Meetup catered for beginners with 2 fantastic entry-level sessions. I think this is a great move, the number of first timers was mind blowing, I think it’s the start of something big! 🙂

@MissAmeliaSmith on WordPress security

@MissAmeliaSmith on WordPress security

I went along and took some notes from the main presentations, I hope you find them useful.

Andrew Davis @goboxless

Andrew (from Boxless) took everyone on a whirlwind tour of WordPress. I’ve seen Andrew present before and I highly recommend him and he was one of the first companies I’ve listed on my professional WordPress services.

Some of his tips included:

  • A solid, practical overview of the main WordPress features
  • Stick to popular themes and plugins
  • Responsive design
  • The importance of mobile
  • Strongly recommended Easy WP Guide

Andrew recommended the Easy WP Guide as a great WordPress manual and tutorial. I couldn’t agree more, get stuck into it here –>

Amelia Smith @MissAmeliaSmith

Amelia (from Optus and  Thesis Video Tutorials) covered WordPress security from a birds eye view, but also gave plenty of practical tips:

  • Practice good local security (anti-virus etc.)
  • Use secure protocols (SFTP/SCP rather than FTP)
  • Don’t use the WordPress defaults
  • Use strong passwords
  • Always be updating
  • Check out for security info
  • Choose themes and plugins wisely
  • Do your homework on themes and plugins
  • Thesis and Genesis recommended theme frameworks
  • Don’t hack your core WordPress files
  • Remove unused plugins and themes
  • Recommended Plugins: BackWPup, Backup Buddy, Login Lockdown, Sucuri, Website Defender
  • WP specialist hosting: WPengine, Synthesis, ZippyKid

It was a great Meetup with 2 great speakers, if you haven’t attended one and you’re into WordPress make sure you add it to your calendar. You can find a list of WordPress Meetups in Australia here, let me know if you come across any not listed.

If you’re after more tips, I’ve put together some notes on WordPress security, recommended themes and recommended plugins.

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