WordPress Hosting

Deciding on a web host really depends where your target audience will be geographically located. If your visitors will be based in Australia you definitely want an Australian web host for speed. If you’re targeting US visitors, a US host is recommended. US hosting is typically less expensive than Australian hosting.

TIP – Even if your hosting company is Australian, you need to confirm the servers are geographically located in Australia. Generally, this means that you will get a faster loading site for Australian visitors. It’s a little more complex than this, but always ask a friend or colleague to help you select the right web host.

For Australian sites, I recommend:

We use both of these providers and so do many of our clients and colleagues.

For US or international sites we use (there’s a gazillion others):

There are lots of variables and lots of options, please shop around to make sure you select a service right for you.

If you’re after specialised managed WordPress hosting, the following websites should have you covered:

The good news is that most hosting providers support WordPress, so feel free to shop around. Remember, that the cheapest provider is not always the best. Take the time to evaluate your options. The only point we will strongly recommend is making sure you select a provider with good customer support. A few minutes research should be all you need to help you make a more informed choice about who to host your site with.