WordPress Security Links

As promised, here’s a mountain of reading material and links to the plugins and techniques discussed at my talk at the July WordPress Melbourne Meetup.

In no particular order, here are some of the backup and security services:

From WPMU a great discussion on “free themes”, as with any type of software – always choose a trusted source:

Here’s the Yubikey plugin I had a screenshot of. Integrating with WordPress is a 2 minute process and very easy:

If you’re interested in the hardware token itself, here’s the link. The benefit of using something like this is that you can integrate into your other services such as Google Apps or your own custom systems:

Useful WordPress security articles and links:

Rather than list all the WordPress security plugins (there are heaps of them!), this post does a great job of covering the main ones you need to know about.

I’m also working on a post for managing multiple WordPress sites, so check back in a few days if that is of interest.

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